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Vulnerabity Assesment and Pentesting Services

Identify, Quantify and Prioritizing Security Vulnerabilities in Your Environment.Unauthorized access to company resources using existing vulnerabilities is a serious security concern.

Consulting and Training Services

A seminar is an effective way to share important knowledge of the hear- ing aid industry and your practice with a captive audience interested in learning more. A seminar is a lead-generating activity, and its goal is to generate hearing screening appointments from attendees.

Digital Forensic Services

Focuses on the retrieval and analysis of often sensitive digital information including emails and text messages, on devices such as computers and mobile phones.


To help reduce risk and potential cyber-attack surface and adopt active security processes. Also pay special attention to implement regular or routine maintenance of equipment, which includes patch management and necessary security updates in the system.

Residental Service

Inappropriate behavior is often By utilizing our home computer and network security services you can ensure that you Make Sure Your Family is Protected Against Online Security Threats.

Commercial Service

CyberSecurity services from us includes Policy & Planning services, risk. Effective Business Continuity Planning will help ensure the security of your staff and network.